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SuperKing - Building Trumpeter's 1/16 Scale King Tiger - Hard Cover.

Price: $94.00
Item Number: KT-2
Manufacturer: AFV/AIR Modeller
SuperKing - Building Trumpeter's 1/16 Scale King Tiger :
The step by step story of David Parker's remarkable award-winning 1/16 scale replica. Bringing together the three and half year coverage from AFV Modeller with additional unpublished material and combining archive photograghs with extensive walkaround photography of the real vehicle in 452 pages with over 1500 images of the ulimate guide to modelling the King Tiger. 

This will be a short run publication, meaning the publisher is only printing 1,000 copies in hard cover. Get your copy today while supplies last.

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction: The background to the project and the kit that inspired it.
2. Internal Construction: The Hull
3. Internal Construction: The Engine
4. Internal Construction: The Engine Bay
5. Internal Painting: The Engine Bay
6. Internal Painting: The Fighting Compartment
7. Internal Construction: The Radio Racks
8. Internal Construction: The Bow Machine Gun
9. Internal Construction: The Gun
10. Internal Construction: The Turret Basket
11. Internal Construction: The Turret
12. Internal Construction: The Ammunition
13. Internal Construction: The Hull Roof
14. External Construction: The Details
15. External Finish: The Painting
16. External Finish: Wheels and Tracks
17. External Finish: The Final Push
18. Completion: Gallery
19. Reference: Archive
20. Reference: Preserved Vehicles
21. Appendix: Diagrams

Coming in May - Please Pre-Order

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