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Eagle Eye Series, No. 2 Yokosuka / Kawanishi K5Y1 & K5Y2 "Akatonbo "Willow"

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Item Number: AR-EE02
Manufacturer: Arawasi
Eagle Eye Series, No. 2 :
Yokosuka / Kawanishi K5Y1 & K5Y2 "Akatonbo "Willow"

Our second Eagle Eye title covers exclusively the IJNAF trainer with which virtually every Navy pilot achieved a level of flying competence. A very important but much neglected type with the elegance and finesse of an all-fabric biplane. Our exhaustive monograph includes:
* Detailed coverage of the type's history including new facts that will come as a surprise.
* Large collection of photographs, many of which appear for the first time in print.
* Detailed artwork
* No less than 38 pages dedicated to most of the IJNAF schools equipped with the Willow.
* One fold-out section, with detailed aircraft plans in 1/48 and illustrations of the type's manual

The ultimate publication in any language on the Willow. 

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