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Metal Polishing Powder Steel

Price: $13.95
Item Number: USH-4009
Manufacturer: Uschi

 Metal Polishing Powder Steel  :

The application in a polishing manner is what the product is basically designed for. As a basecoat I recommend flat, semi-gloss or gloss black colors, depending on the subject you work at. Allow the material to link into something. If you have a superpolished black basecoat you may find out that the pigments not really adhere when you try to polish them in. The solution in this case would be a semi-flat basecoat. The shine will come when you polish the powders in. Consider application by airbrush as well.

Another interesting point in even surfaces is, that the best time for pigment application is when the color is touch-dry and stable, but not fully cured.

For Gunze Acrylics (Or Tamiya) this is within like 1,5 - 6+hours.

  • ....high gloss polishing on a even is recomended to be done within 2-4 hrs after basecoat application. Acrylics need some time before they really cure. Consider a thin layer of pigments applicated by airbrush in case the basecoat has fully cured and the pigments seem to "not adhere so well"
  • ....a sealing with clear might change the result. Not ruin it, but alter the result.
  • .... the application rule of : 1.) basecoat;  2.) pigment; 3.) clear; 4.) again pigment ; might be an option as well.
  • .... it is worth experimenting with our powders to achieve the subtle gold flecked appearance as can be seen on modern metal-dampened aircraft canopies such as on a EA-6B Prowler, for instance.


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