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Fokker Fighter Set including DVII (but not DRI) - 1/32 Scale - 3D Color Seatbelts

Price: $13.95
Item Number: 132004
Manufacturer: Kits-World
Fokker Fighter Set including DVII (but not DRI) - 3D Color Seatbelts :

This exciting new modelling technology brings together the ease of application decals offer with the incredibly precise and accurate detail of the micro printing process. You can forget about difficult to deal with threading harnesses through microscopic photo-etched buckles and clasps or paint flaking off colour etched parts whilst attempting to form them to seats.

Treat these decals as you would any other silk screen printed water-slide decal when it comes to surface preparation.

1. Ensure the surfaces are glossy and smooth
2. It is not necessary to use any decal setting agents, in fact we advise against it.
3. Should you require additional adhesive, we recommend using diluted PVA (White) glue applied with a small brush to the surface the decal will be applied to.
4. Carefully manoeuvre the decal into place using a soft brush, bamboo tweezers or even a toothpick. DO NOT USE Metal Tweezers.
5. If you want to draw the decal closer and conform more to the surface a decal softening solution can be applied sparingly. DO NOT MOVE the decal after the softener has been applied. As with any other decal, this will cause it to tear. Leave the decal for at least 45 minutes after softener has been applied.
6. Should you want to weather the decals we recommend applying gloss varnish over top. This will also help seal the decal into place.

The result of a painstakingly researched and innovative process that Kitsworld have perfected, these exciting new, highly detailed, Seat Beslt decals are far easier to use than their dated photo-etched brass predecessors.
So, no more time wasted attempting to painstakingingly thread tiny etched or fabric belts through microscopic etched metal buckles. Nor will paint flake off painted etched brass belts whilst fitting!
Full colour. No painting required. Easy to fit. Apply as any other decals, NO Superglue required!
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