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3D Color Seatbelts Luftwaffe Fighters

Price: $10.95
Item Number: 3132001
Manufacturer: Kits-World
3D Color Seatbelts Luftwaffe Fighters :
3D - Full Colour Luftwaffe Fighter Seat Belt - Messerschmitts and Focke Wulf 190 variants.

3D Relief Detail Decals from Kits World
This exciting new modelling technology brings together the ease of application decals offer with the incredibly precise and accurate detail of the micro printing process. The painstaking process of painting tiny and intricate detail onto cockpit components such as instrument panels, side consoles is a thing of the past. Dealing with the cutting, harmful dust and shaving of resin parts is history. You can forget about difficult to deal with threading harnesses through microscopic photo-etched buckles and clasps or paint flaking off colour etched parts whilst attempting to form them to seats.
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