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PUMA Heavy APC - Part 3

Price: $49.99
Item Number: DE19
Manufacturer: Desert Eagle Publishing
PUMA Heavy APC - Part 3 :
The book is 84 pages (80+cover)  and has more than 180 geniune  and never seen before color photographs, drawing and charts.
The book describes the following derivatives of the PUMA :
* PUMA "Meishar" - bridge adapter
* PUMA "P" bridge
* PUMA "Viper" - "Tezfa"
* PUMA Command - "Pikud"
* PUMA Dozer - "Daqhpor" (large chapter)
* PUMA Mine Roller - "Nochri" (large chapter"
* PUMA "Carpet" - "Ritzoof" (large chapter)

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