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HEER im Focus No. 1

Price: $39.95
Item Number: LF HF-01
Manufacturer: Luftfahrt Verlag
HEER im Focus No. 1 :

"Heer im Focus" is a new series created by a team of renowned experts. The goal of this booklet is to focus specifically on battles, vehicles, equipment, and soldiers that have been underrepresented in existing literature. Just like "Luftwaffe im Focus" and "U-Boot im Focus," thorough research takes precedence. You will find depictions in our work that are described completely differently elsewhere. Trust our reports; we delve deep into the subjects. That's precisely what we have done: research German Army history in a way you won't find elsewhere. It's worth noting that we cover all troops that have been engaged in ground operations, including air force units such as paratroopers, air force field divisions, or anti-aircraft units. For illustrations, we also rely on unique original Agfa Color color slides from private collections. These photographs have never been shown before and shed new light on historical events. "Heer im Focus" is not just for military enthusiasts; model builders will also benefit from excellent model templates (profile drawings and B+W and color photos). We also keep diorama builders in mind.

Featured subjects will include: • Panzers in Focus • Knight's Cross recipients • Wehrmacht vehicles • Photos with history • Documents • Unknown emblems • Camouflage • Machines in Focus • Sign forests • Fates • Background • Motorcycles • Camouflage • Scenery • Propaganda companies • Paratroopers • Weapons • Combat reports

CONTENTS of Issue No. 1

Oberst Michael Bauer: The Knight's Cross holder from Herzogenaurach.

Something Unusual: The "Lili-Marleen Barracks" in the Russian village of Kamauk, with the 18. Panzer-Divison.

Vehicles of the Wehrmacht: A wandering convertible with civilian license plates.

Photos with a Story: 18. Panzer-Divison on the Eastern Front - Part 1  22 June 1941 - the attack across the bow, was there actually an under water tank operation?

A picture that gets under your skin:  61. Infantrie Division shock troops under fire. A unique photo from the Tikhvin Front

Pictures of Camouflage Schemes:  The striped camouflage: used over and over again, but still rare!

Camouflage: Helmet camouflage - the movable cabbage heads

Road Sign Jungles: The "T-34 sign forest" in the center of Minsk.

Emblems: The unit emblem of the schwere Panzer-Abteilung 505 in detail. Color illustration and tank profile from an original photo which shows all the detail.

Fate: Example of place and grave identification from one photo.

Motorcycles: Without them nothing went!
Format: 8" x 11"
Pages: 72 pages
Photos: 70 photos - 26 in Color, two color profiles

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