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Kawasaki Ki-45 Kai Tei Type 2

Price: In-Stock: $140.00
Item Number: No.13
Manufacturer: Zoukei-Mura

1Kawasaki Ki-45 Kai Tei Type 2 :
1 The Toryu was a twin-engine fighter aircraft designed and developed by Kawasaki Aircraft Industries for the Imperial Japanese Army. The Ki-45 proved to be particularly capable of intercepting large aircraft, playing a major role in the defense of the mainland up until the very end of the war. With this kit, you can replicate the Tei version from those final days of the war or the Hei/Tei Tai-Atari Special Attack version.2 While its external appearance may seem simple at first glance, every part of the airframe is actually engineered in a highly complex and interconnected fashion. In particular, the nose, canopy area, upper and lower fuselage and the curving construction of the front and rear fuselage is very impressive. The SWS kit faithfully replicates each and every one those qualities.3 There was a wide range of weapons equipped to the Toryu, and the use of large automatic cannons was prioritized. The Toryu had four versions; the Ko, Otsu, Hei, and Tei. In accordance with the SWS concept, the various framing methods for each weapon are replicated in fine detail. As an expression of our respectful condolences, we also made the "Tai-Atari" (full-body ramming) Special Attack Aircraft an option for replication.

Scale: 1/32
Product Specifications: Plastic Model Kits
Total Parts: 560
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