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Dark Maroon Filter - For German Primer Red

Price: $5.60
Item Number: HDF-NL-16
Manufacturer: Wilder
Dark Maroon Filter : A red brown shade which can be used to subtly add a warm looking hue over a base coat on all other types of vehicles operating in hot climates. It can also be used to give your dark green basecoats more of an olive shade.

Enamel based products for quickly and easily applying various weathering effects onto all types of models and dioramas. NitroLine products can be used straight from the bottle or thinned using enamel thinner. Works best over acrylic finishes. Thoroughly mix and shake the bottle prior to use for best results.

A Filter is a thin transparent layer of paint applied over a surface to alter the tone of a base coat. Filters need to be brushed onto the model using a paintbrush dampened with the effect. After dipping your paint brush into the bottle first wipe the excess Filter away onto a piece of paper or dinner napkin prior to brushing it onto the model.

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