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M10 Driver’s Compartment - Tamiya Kit

Price: In - Stock : $45.00
Item Number: 35-1385
Manufacturer: The New TMD
M10 Driver’s Compartment - Tamiya Kit :

Purpose: Adds the driver’s compartment to the Tamiya M10 kit. 

Fits: This kit is specifically designed to work with the Tamiya kit, but it has been engineered in a way that, with minimal re-working, it can be made to fit any 1/35 M10 kit.


  • Accurate layout for an M10 TD
  • Detailed final drive and transmission assemblies
  • Detailed shifting lever and transmission lock-out box
  • Detailed brake, clutch, gas and steering controls
  • Detailed river and co-driver seats
  • Early and late vision block storage
  • Various additional controls, electronic boxes and stowage
  • Flash lights, fire extinguishers and .50 cal ammo cans
  • U.S. radio and intercom boxes
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