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Bergepanther Extended Exhaust Pipes

Price: $6.50
Item Number: 35-5149
Manufacturer: The New TMD
Bergepanther Extended Exhaust Pipes :

Set of very thin cast replacement exhausts for any Bergepanther that needs extended exhaust pipes.  This set is intended for the super-detail modeler who prefers to use PE for details such as mounting brackets, etc.

NOTICE: these exhaust pipes DO NOT come with the locking nut details.  If your kit does not have these on the exhaust housings, we suggest you also purchase a set of TMD armored exhaust housings.

Kit Features:

  • Deep exhaust hole with super thin side wall castings
  • ‘Rippled’ bend pattern
  • Includes 0.010 in rod to make anti-grenade devise (not shown in pictures)
  • Slight dings and dents cast into pipes
  • Designed to be used with any TMD Panther exhaust housing
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