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Experimental Gun Tank Type 5 (Ho-Ri II)

Price: $69.95
Item Number: AH 35A031
Manufacturer: Amusing Hobby
Experimental Gun Tank Type 5 (Ho-Ri II) :
The Experimental Gun Tank Type 5 (Ho-Ri II) was designed but never prototyped. Like the Ho-Ri I, it uses the body of the Type 5 Medium Tank Chi-Ri, and an aircraft gasoline engine (water-cooloed V-type 12-cylinder) was used rather than the traditional diesel engine. The Ho-Ri II also differs from the Ho-Ri 1 in its center-located battle chamber, and its vertical armor. In addition to its other armaments, it carries a pair of 20mm high-firing anti-aircraft cannon at the rear, with a ranging gun on the cupola.
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