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Junkers D.1

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Item Number: WN32065
Manufacturer: Wingnut Wings
Junkers D.1 :
The revolutionary Junkers D.1 all metal monoplane fighter entered service just before the end of the First World War. The speed and climb performance were excellent and it was very well regarded by the Marine-Feld-Jasta pilots who flew it, although the revolutionary design was viewed with suspicion by many pilots more accustomed to traditional biplanes (a suspicion not really overcome well into the 1930s). How much action the Junkers D.1 saw before the Armistice is hotly debated but they were used to great effect by Kampfgeschwader Sachsenberg FA 416 in the post war fighting between German Freikorps and Bolshevik (and other) forces in the Baltic during 1919. Please be aware that much of what you may have read in some books and online about the development and specifications of the Junkers D.1 is now understood to be incorrect.

-No interplane struts and (almost) no rigging makes this model the perfect introduction to First World War aircraft modelling.
-124 high quality injection moulded plastic parts.
-11 photo-etched metal detail parts.
-Authentically reproduced corrugated Duralumin surface details, panels, hatches and rivets.
-Optional fuselage spine corrugations, foot steps, propellers and Daimler-Mercedes 180hp D.IIIa & 200hp D.IIIau engine details.    
-Special “wings removed” diorama display option.
-24 page fully illustrated instruction manual.
-High quality (extra thin) Cartograf decals with markings for 5 colour schemes;
A - Junkers D.1 5185/18, Aldlershof, October 1918
B - Junkers D.1 5185/18 "Bänder", Hombeek, Marine-Feld-Jagdgechwader, November 1918
C - Junkers D.1 5184/18? "Weisser Schwanz", Hombeek, Marine-Feld-Jagdgechwader, November 1918
D - Junkers D.1 5188/18? "11", October 1918
E - Junkers D.1, Gotthard Sachsenberg? (31 victories), Theodore Osterkamp? (38 victories) & Josef Jacobs? (48 victories), FA 416, September-October 1919.
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